Willy Wonka Bars

For Christmas, our uncle made us Willy Wonka bars and other things from the movie.

wonka bars
The three bars. No Musketeers, though.


We got the Scrumdiddlyumptious, the Fudge Mallow, and a normal one.


Unwrapping one of the candy bars.


Inside the Scrumdiddlyumptious, was a Charleston Chew. The Fudge Mallow didn’t have any marshmallow in it because he couldn’t figure out how. It’s not like he makes chocolate for his job, though. Some of the other presents he gave us were a book where we went to the chocolate factory, the contract they had to sign, and a golden ticket inside the normal chocolate bar.


wonka collection
The golden ticket is accurate, word for word. I don’t know about the bottom of the contract though.


The Ever-Lasting Gobstopper, which was made of wood, was inside so much wrapping, that it seemed big. At one point, there was only a small aluminum foil ball left, so I thought that the whole thing was a trick. I felt something in the ball, so I unrolled it. And there it was! The Ever-Lasting Gobstopper! After that, he brought us our Fizzy Lifting Drinks.


fizzy lifting
I had the orange one.


They weren’t with the other presents because they were more perishable. The way you opened them was very weird. The lid was hooked onto the bottle. He had hired artists to make the labels. The only thing he didn’t need to make was the Wonka Pop. He just ordered it.

I really liked everything he gave me. The chocolate was quite tasty.