Tower of Terror FAQ’s

The FAQ’s of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

When did Tower of Terror open? The Hollywood Studios Tower opened in 1994. The California Adventure Tower opened 10 years later.

The Hollywood Studios Tower opened in 1994. The California Adventure Tower opened 10 years later.

Which Tower of Terror is the best?

I’ve only been on the California Adventure version, but I’ve heard the one in Hollywood Studios is the best.

Is the ride scary?

I certainly don’t think it is.

How many Towers are there?


How long is the ride?

The Hollywood Studios version is five minutes.

Should I go on it?


How expensive was it to build?

The least expensive was  70-90 million dollars for the California Adventure tower. Most expensive was at Tokyo DisneySea, costing 230 million dollars, because of the decoration.

Is the California Adventure version any good?

I think so. If you really want to go on Tower of Terror, definitely go on the Hollywood Studios version.

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Should Tower of Terror Be Rethemed to Guardians of the Galaxy?

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has been a popular attraction at California Adventure. There were many other solutions than removing this fun and famous attraction. Is it necessary to get rid of Tower of Terror at California Adventure?

Why should Disney remove The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?

The banner at the Disneyland tram station now reads:

The banners on the side state that Tower of Terror ends early 2017. To be more accurate, it ends on January third.

Disney could have bought The Twilight Zone instead of paying them royalty fees. If they had, I expect Disney would have changed the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios also. They cannot because Universal Studios owns Marvel east of the Mississippi River.

Disney is trying to add Marvel to Disneyland Resort. Their contract about where they can use Marvel allows them to implement it into Disneyland. Ultimately, that is what they intend to do. There has been negative and positive fan reaction. Unfortunately, Disney has already started to take apart Tower of Terror. Also, this fun sign that changes from The Hollywood Tower Hotel to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will be removed.

It is a little feature. Removing it would be sad because a lot of people like to take pictures in front of it like us.

In front of The Hollywood Tower Hotel Sign



Apparently, they are doing this to save money because:

  • Instead of building a whole new ride, they are remodeling it.
  • Since they are paying a lot of money, Disney is using their own theme.

While I don’t like them remodeling Tower of Terror, I do realize:

  • The remodeled ride will have a randomized drop sequence. I think it is a major drawback because the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios has it.
  • The Twilight Zone is not as popular as Guardians of The Galaxy.

I figured out that the new parking lot they are building might be a solution. They are building that parking lot for Star Wars Land once it opens. Tower of Terror could wait. It could be Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission Breakout! for a few months or until they get their money’s worth. They can replace a parking lot with Marvel Land once the Star Wars Land cools down. After all, Disney destroyed the parking lot in front of Disneyland for California Adventure.

Clearly, many people don’t like the change owing to the fact that 35,633 people, including me, signed a petition to not change Tower of Terror. They delivered this letter as followed:

The fans have spoken. Please do not remove the beloved attraction, “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” from Disneyland’s California Adventure theme park.

We all support a Marvel presence in the parks, but we are strongly against doing so by replacing classic attractions.

Please listen to your paying customers and loyal fans.

This letter was delivered to Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Many people think Tower of Terror should not go from this:

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

To this:

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission, Breakout Concept Art.jpg
Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout


Some of my visits to Disneyland were:

Halloween at Disneyland

Disneyland… Again!!

Fun at Disneyland!


Fun at Disneyland!

Disneyland is always fun, but it is better with friends. We used the “secret” entrance to California Adventure through The Grand Californian Resort. The lines are much shorter. Our friends were waiting for us at the entrance to California Screamin.’ We rode it twice, but the second time it broke down!


Also, the second time the ride was a little jerkier which led me to conclude that Screamin’ was having technical difficulties. After that, we buckled in on Radiator Springs Racers. Since we used the single rider line, the wait was very short and the ride was as good as ever. Then came, The Twilight Zone, Tower, of Terror.  Ever since Disney confirmed Tower of Terror is closing, the lines have been longer. The wait was 40 minutes, but we dropped in.


After that, we went to an AP (Annual Passholders) Days event. brossa-ap-days We got free pins! After that, we went on Monster Inc. Roz, who is a monster at the end of the ride, talks to you! Literally, we suspect there is a person behind her that speaks into a microphone, and Roz can talk to you. Next, we ate at Boudin Sourdough and Ghiradelli Chocolate.

No, I am not eating the plastic.


Finally, we went on Toy Story. It is a very fun ride that is like a video game. You fire little guns on the cart. They use an equation to find where it would have been if it was a real gun. The targets are worth different amounts depending on how hard they are to get. It was a very fun day!

I’m in the right in the back row.



I’ in the front row third from the left.