Field Trip to Sub Zero Ice Cream

On Tuesday, we went to Sub Zero Ice Cream and stuck water bottles, balloons, and flowers in liquid nitrogen. When we entered, there were chairs set up for all of us. The table at the front set up for experiments had a few bowls, a balloon, and some water bottles. One of the first things our teacher did was put the flower in a bowl full of liquid nitrogen for 5 seconds. When it came out, it was all stiff, and we could break the petals off easily. Next, we put our hands in the liquid nitrogen for about 1/10 of a second. sport-hand2 Mr. Terry put his hands in for half a second, and they hurt.

Mr. Terry putting his hands in the nitrogen.

The liquid nitrogen is 320 degrees below zero. Our teacher blew a balloon up and then put it in the liquid nitrogen. It deflated while it was in the nitrogen and came out like the flower. But it reinflated. That happened because all the air molecules grouped together since the nitrogen was so cold. After it was out of the liquid nitrogen, the molecules went back to their normal places floating around in the balloon. He then put some liquid nitrogen in a water bottle, and the nitrogen gas came out. When he put the lid on, it popped off soon after. At the end, we made a cloud. Ian was selected to help the teacher, and he wore a purple mad scientist wig and some safety glasses.

Ian in his purple wig.

They made it by dumping a bunch of water in a tub of nitrogen. It seemed like some water explosion took place because I was a little wet after.

The cloud was made, but it did not stay long. It was very fun and we had ice cream after.

My ice cream

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