What is a typical Friday for me?

Our classroom, where we start our day before sailing, overlooks the harbor. The first segment is about 45 minutes. After the lesson, we go out and play a game on the lawn. So far, we have played Banana Tag, Red Light, Green Light and Sharks and Minnows.



Playing Banana Tag.

Each student will deliver or has delivered a presentation.

A snapshot of my presentation on roller coasters. If you would like to see the presentation click here. Since it is on Google Slides you can access it even if you don’t have Powerpoint. Click present to see it in full screen

After lunch, there is an experiment. Last week, we did Mentos and Coke. If you would like to watch somebody drink Coke while eating Mentos, click here. Finally, we start to sail

Preparing to sail.

or kayak.


We kayak if the winds aren’t right for sailing. After about 2 ½ hours of sailing or kayaking, class is over. Sailing is very fun!