Carnival Splendor in Mazatlan: Part 3 of 5

On Monday afternoon, the Splendor left Cabo San Lucas and started heading to Mazatlan. There was actually a dock so we didn’t have to take tender boats.

When we got off the ship, there was a short walk to the boat that we were taking. We were in the area where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

We even saw sea lions!

Sea lions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once we exited the boat, there were 2 buses. Obviously, we took one. They were actually pretty comfortable. There was a statue of the Virgin Mary. It was built after a hurricane struck and there had never been one since. We drove down some streets and learned about the area.

Our first stop was at the cliff divers. They dove about 20-40 feet to earn money for their families.


After seeing that, we went back on the bus and drove down the boardwalk. It is 16 miles long. Mazatlan’s main industries are tourism and shrimp. One time, a hurricane hit and a couple ships full of shrimp sunk and 72 people died.

We went to eat lunch after that at a Mexican restaurant. (Can there be a Mexican place in Mexico? I don’t know if there can be an American place in America). The other cruise ship from Norwegian stopped there too. It was super crowded.

I forget what I was eating in that picture.

Our last stop was at the cathedral. It looked like most other cathedrals that I have seen. Pretty impressive. I don’t know much about cathedrals so I can’t really comment on it besides the fact that it was cool.

Finally, we went back to the cruise ship via a short trip by the bus. Because a Norwegian cruise ship was there too, the line at the terminal was really long. After we boarded, we ate in the formal dining room.

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