Hidden Google/Gmail Features

These are some of the hidden features Google has coded into their web browser.

Firstly,  there is the No wifi game. This is a cool Chrome easter egg. When you can’t connect to the internet, you see a screen with a dinosaur.

Screenshot (11)

Hit space or tap the screen. When you see the cacti, hit space or tap to jump over it. Eventually you find pterodactyl.

Screenshot (13)

Some of them you can jump over. Some of them you can’t. Once you reach 700, the colors of the screen reverse.

Screenshot (12)

Do a barrel roll. This makes the screen rotate.

Screenshot (2)

Search askew, and, you will see the page at a slight tilt.

Screenshot (3)

Answer to life the universe and everything, Apparently, the answer is 42.

Screenshot (4)

Once in a blue moon seems to be 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz.

Screenshot (5)

When you search anagram, it says did you mean nag a ram?

Screenshot (6)

In Google Hangouts, there are a bunch of easter eggs. One of them is /bikeshed.

Screenshot (7)

It changes the color of the screen. /ponystream makes ponies run across the chat screen.


Screenshot (9)

/pitchforks makes a group of men with pitchforks and other tools run across the screen.

Screenshot (10)

Go to Google Images and search Atari Breakout. It leads you to that game.

Screenshot (15)

Just go to normal Google search and type “play snake”. All you have to do is click where it says.

Screenshot (19)

Those are all the ones I currently know about. Google will almost certainly be making more.