Carnival Splendor in Cabo San Lucas: Part 2 of 5

On Monday, we arrived at our first port stop. It was in Cabo San Lucas. In the morning, we woke up and ate breakfast. At 8:30, we went to the Specatular Theater to wait for our excursion to start. When it did, we went down to level 0. That’s what it was called because it was mostly a staff level. Because Cabo San Lucas didn’t have a dock big enough for us, we had to drop anchor (Yes, Carnival ships get anchors. The sailboats that I sail don’t).

Once we arrived, we took smaller tender boats to the Carnival terminal at Cabo San Lucas. Next, we waited in a sitting area until our tour guide took us to the dolphin pool at Cabo Dolphins. We went into a cool looking building and waited in a sitting area until a guy took us to the actual pool. It was pretty fun. Kahal, the dolphin’s name, tried to clap but his fins weren’t long enough to touch. We were actually able to swim with and ride the dolphin. He did some other cool tricks. After the dolphins, we got free quesadillas.

Finally, we went on a boat ride tour of the arch. One part was just a calm tour but then we went to max speed and it was insanely awesome. We were probably going 50 mph. The boat slowed down, turned around and started going fast again. We docked and the tour was over.

Lastly, we went back to the cruise ship and did random stuff. The end.

To Be Continued…

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