On Wednesdays, we are part of a homeschool co-op. My classes this year are:

  1. Science in the Beginning
  2. Blogging and 21st Century Skills
  3. Apologia Botany
  4. Strategy Games

Science in the Beginning, is about the first 7 days of the world. At the end, we do jeopardy about what we learned that week. During last week’s Daily Double, the other team bet all their points and lost. Now they are at zero.

In blogging, we write blogs and deliver presentations. Here are a few of the blogs besides mine:

Kasen Weekly

The Paper Master

Oliver is a Beast


Classical Girl

We are having a contest. Whoever writes the most blog posts over 1oo words receives a $20 Amazon gift card. Second gets $15. Third gets $10 and fourth wins $5. Communikate won first, I won second, Tealsurfur won third and This Guys Blog won fourth. Tealsurfer’s blog is private. This blogging class is taught by The Contemporary Homeschooler.

Raising hands during a blogging presentation.

Next, we walk to the sanctuary. We do the Pledge of Allegiance and go over announcements.  After that, we have lunch. My mom usually buys us pizza, and we pack a candy bar from Halloween.

Our next class is botany. We are making a plant game for the last week of 2016 that has Co-op. We use the Apologia curriculum where you use a notebook and a book to read from. You can buy the curriculum.


The group picture for botany.

In Strategy Games, I mostly play Risk. It is a board game that takes a very long time. It ends when you dominate the world. We can never get that far in 55 minutes so we do it in a different way. You win by owning the most territories. People play the other games, fortunately. Having all 5 people playing Risk takes so long. Usually, we have two to three people.

Playing Risk


Co-op is very fun and I like it.