Vacation to Arizona: Day Two

If you don’t already know, I went to Arizona. On day two, we went to Angels Spring Training at Tempe Diablo Stadium.

The Angels were playing the Diamondbacks. Our friends, Blane and Makela, were there. We got seats in the Party Patio. It has free hot dogs, hamburgers, salad and drinks. Later, they brought out dessert.

view from party patio
The view from the Party Patio.

In the first inning, the Diamondbacks didn’t score. When the Angels were up, Kole Calhoun hit a single and then Albert Pujols hit a two run home run. The Angels scored two more that inning. About halfway through the game, the Angels were winning seven to one. The Diamondbacks tried to make a comeback by scoring three more runs. Fortunately, it didn’t work. I do not mean to offend any Diamondbacks fans, but I was glad the Angels won. That day was very fun.

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Vacation to Arizona: Day One

Last week, we went on vacation to Arizona. It was mainly for Baseball Spring Training, but we did other things. It was quite fun. We didn’t do a lot on the first day because it was mostly driving to Arizona. At one point near Palm Springs, there were thousands of windmills.

Ortega Falls Mar 17 004
This is a tiny fraction of the amount of windmills we saw.


The first significant stop was at the University of Phoenix Stadium. It is a football stadium they used for the Final Four. If you don’t know, Gonzaga and North Carolina are in the Championship.

Later that day, we went to Sun Devil Stadium on the ASU campus. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go in. The renovations are not complete. Where we looked in, there were still benches. Some of the benches are already changed to seats now.


Sun Devil Stadium
We looked through the Southeast Entrance.


We stayed at a Fairfield Inn in Chandler. That was day one of our trip to Arizona.

Day Two is probably coming tommorow.

Global Wildlife Center

On the last day of our Christmas trip to Lousiana, we went to the Global Wildlife Center. Riding on a bus, we viewed and fed animals on a safari through their property. global-kate-ready-for-alpaca They had lots of animals. We weren’t allowed to feed the zebras because they bite.

They can take photos well.

The deer followed us around the whole safari. Some of them were fighting.

The fighting deer.

They even had llamas and alpacas! global-alpaca You were allowed to hand-feed them. We each got one cup of animal feed. At the end of the safari, since I had some feed left over, I dumped it out. There was a big animal gathering with all of them trying to eat the food. Some cows looked like Texas Longhorns but they weren’t. They were from Asia.

They do have long horns.

In the gift shop, I bought some sunglasses that have mirrors on them so you can see behind you. That was one of the most fun things we did during that vacation.


Central Calfornia Coast Day 3-4

On our third day of the vacation, we visited the redwoods. One of Dad’s friends, Mr. McShane, runs a plant nursery, and we saw him. He let us feed some of his fish. Before that, we walked around and saw what he sold. It appears he has a good business.

We drove to the California Coastal Redwoods at Henry Cowell State Park. It was a path with lots of amazing redwoods. Some were hollow and you could walk in.

Walk right in!

In one redwood, someone had slept overnight. The entrance had a hole in the ground, and it was filled with mud. When Sarah’s boot got stuck in the mud, she walked the boot off. She stepped in the mud and got it back on. There was a dawn redwood from China that was about 20 feet tall. It was also very thin.


They also had a little logging town. The food they made at the restaurant was very good. So was the hot chocolate. The town was called Roaring Camp Railroad. They have a 19th-century steam train that travels around the redwoods. It is huge and quite noisy. Tickets cost $25. We didn’t go on the train but I took a video running after the train for 2 minutes.

We drove to Santa Cruz and went to the boardwalk. Kate and I went on Giant Dipper.

Giant Dipper starts in the dark.

Sarah wasn’t tall enough for Giant Dipper. It was much more thrilling than I expeced. It is actually more exciting than some steel roller coasters. Mostly, I think it was the drops. There are so many of them. Most are really small, though. Either way, it was extremely fun.  I did not think a 1924 wood coaster could be so exciting. It also hurt my elbows. I am trying to cover them up in the picture.

Kate and I in the picture.

When we went back to the hotel, Mr. McShane came to the lobby. We stayed up past 11:00. I got to take their pictures.

Our last day was mostly driving home. We did stop by Pea Soup Andersen’s and the Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center. Kate bought a fox she named Channel.

Yes, that is a life size elephant seal and Kate is holding her fox.

That was a very fun trip. I hope to do it every Thanksgiving, and I will have cheeseburgers every Thanksgiving, too!


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Central California Coast: Day Two

In the morning, after breakfast, we were on the road again up the coast.

Our first stop was at Monarch Butterfly Grove. The butterflies look like the leaves in trees! It is open October to February. There are over 28,000!

We took yet another detour and found yet another park!  This one had ocean views and a tire swing. It was called Dinosaur Cave Park. Sarah and I were on the tire swing, and it was crazy.


It was going soo high spinning around like mad. I was partly responsible for the craziness.

Piedras Blancas is a six mile long stretch of elephant seals.

All the young males were there when we went. In two weeks from Thanksgiving, the adult males will come and fight over the females.

Our next stop was at the Madonna Inn. Its guest rooms have many different designs.  We like the ones with rocks. Madonna Inn has around 100 different rooms each to a separate theme.

We made a stop at Moonstone Beach. It has a lot of unique stones.

The “moonstones” there.

The beach also had climbing rocks, a tree and a cave.

It was a long drive for lunch. We had cheeseburgers for Thanksgiving at Ragged Point Inn.

Cheeseburgers for Thanksgiving

We drove across Bixby Bridge on the way back. There has been many car commercials on it. To see some of our drive you can click this link. There  was more stunning scenery like this:



You can see Bixby Bridge.



We stayed at a Marriott Residence Inn in Salinas.

Day two was just as fun if not more as day one.

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Central California Coast: Day One

We left  on Wednesday morning up the coast for the redwoods. It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. From South Orange County, it took us two hours to reach Ventura. We had lunch at a mall that overlooked the Pacific. Our mom used to live there so we saw her apartment and church. Before that, we played on a grassy field with views.

The poinsettias and the painter.

I threw the football with Dad, and my sisters threw the frisbee with him. We were going to go to the Santa Barbara Mission, but we took a wrong turn and ended up at a cool park. It had climbing rocks and a good climbing tree. We saw something that our family assumed was a gopher.


Finally, we arrived at the mission. They had a funny picture. It is the one on the left.

After that, we went to the Danish town of Solvang. They make excellent pastries.

I know mine looks like a giant Oreo without frosting, but it is not.

I had a cookie with chocolate on the outside. There was something like whipped cream on the inside. It was really good. We walked around Solvang then went back to the car.

Dad checked us in on his computer to the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Santa Maria. We had good sleep and woke up for day two.

A preview of day two:

In the morning, after breakfast, we were on the road again. We took yet another detour and found yet another park! This one had ocean views and a tire swing.

To be continued…


The other days of my trip were:

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Visiting Sturbridge Village

One of the best days of our trip to New England was going to Sturbridge Village.

 After we paid for admission Sarah, Kate and me played in the Kidstory which is a play area themed to colonial times.

It is not real wood.

 After we played there, we went into the village itself. We arrived in time for a cobbler demonstration.

 After that, my family toured the village which included the general store, the friend’s house, which is a Quaker meeting place, tin shop, Towne house the Townes were a family, the church and bank. We walked into another section of the village which contained, most notably, the blacksmith.

At the blacksmith

 His fire was extremely hot. They also had a sawmill, gristmill and carding mill.

Carding at the carding mill.

 After that all of us visited the schoolhouse and the beehives  We went back to the Kidstory and played some more. After that we went back to the village for a horse and wagon ride.

The horse and wagon.


Touring Fenway Park

On our trip to New England we toured Fenway Park. It is home of the Red Sox.They have the oldest Major League stadium. fenway-park-cute-but-sarah-belly



We started at the bottom and made our way to the seats. We walked around to the earliest chairs from the stadium and sat in them. They were made of wood! fenway-park-seats

After that, we saw the room where they got ready for the game. Both teams shared the room so there were brawls! Then, we went to the seats in the Green Monster which is their mascot. They are the best-rated seats of the MLB stadiums. Next, we saw the reporters’ box. Finally, we saw this seat where Ted Williams, who is the greatest baseball player of all time, hit the farthest home run in Fenway Parkfenway-park-great-pic-sport.

After the tour, we were allowed to go into the season ticket holders only museum.fenway-park-war

It has all the Cy Young and MVP awards and many more things.


After we left the stadium, they had a  statue of some of the most important Red Sox  in history.

 Fenway Park is one of the most historic stadiums in the world.