How The Solo Millenium Falcon Doesn’t Make Sense + Review

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I watched Solo about a week ago and decided to review it. After the review, I wrote about how the new Millenium Falcon doesn’t make sense.


Now for the review:

I think the main reason that it did badly at the box office was that it was right after Infinity War and Deadpool 2.

The first part was kind of bad. First, it had no opening crawl like all other Star Wars movies. (Except Rouge One.) I don’t even have to mention that Lady Proxima was way worse then Jabba.

Lady Proxima
Someone maybe tell me who this is? Lady Proxima is just really weird.

His speeder chase was good though. The Imperial checkpoint was kind of cool because it showed that the Imperials were meeting rebellion on some planets. They arrested someone every minute or so. Qi’ra was trapped on the other side of the wall when she and Han made a dash for it.

Then Han goes to the Conveyex. I like that part with Enfy’s Nest and the huge explosion. Unfortunately, two of the guys died. They should not have killed Rio.


After that, Han goes to Dryden Vos’s big yacht. There, he meets Qi’ra again. She runs away with Han over to Lando, and Han gambles with Lando. Lando cheated and Han lost the bet. He didn’t have the ship that he said he had though. The ship he claims he has is the same ship as the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels. It is made on Corellia just like the Falcon.

the ghost

Lando took Han to see the Millenium Falcon. (Because there is no opening crawl, that is the first time that the “Star Wars Main Theme” plays.) They went to Kessel to steal coaxium so that Dryden Vos wouldn’t kill them.

This is Coaxium when it is refined.

Han and his friends made a distraction that way he and Chewie could steal the coaxium. They managed to do it. Their distraction was a massive slave revolt on Kessel.

To go refine it, they had to do the Kessell run. Everyone almost died at the hands of a giant black hole. They used coaxium to give the Falcon a huge boost. With that speed, the Falcon’s paint wore off, and it turned grey. Han also fired the escape pod so the Falcon had its 2 prongs instead of the 1 long prong.

Enfy’s Nest is revealed to be a group of rebels. They find out on Savareen which is the planet they go to refine the coaxium.

enfys nest

That’s basically what happens. Overall, it was better than I thought it would be.

TOPIC SENTANCE The issue is that it doesn’t make sense. In Revenge of the Sith, you see the Millenium Falcon landing on Courascant. That takes place before Solo, and it is not white and doesn’t have the new front prong.

Screenshot (27)_kindlephoto-4483973587
I drew the circle on a tablet. Forgive the sloppiness.

This is just a little thing I noticed before I started writing my review.

Solo: What We Know So Far

This is what I know about Solo: A Star Wars Story so far.

First, the Millenium Falcon. It looks way different for a couple reasons. The prongs are the most noticeable. Instead of looking like this:

Millenium Falcon

It looks like this:

Solo MIllenium Falcon

The biggest difference is the front prong. The other difference is that the Falcon is white. If you look closer, you can see the laser cannon is different. It is a lot more noticeable on the Lego one:

lego solo millenium falcon

For those of you who don’t know, besides Han Solo, the other main characters are Chewie and someone named Q’ira.

According to the teaser trailer, Han was a criminal since he was 10. That means he was probably an orphan. He was kicked out of the Imperial Flight Academy. How he could have got in being an orphan, I don’t know. He did, though. Chewbacca looks the same as ever, but he has 2 bandolier straps. For a quick moment in the space storm (that’s what I think it is), you see a TIE fighter with some sort of bulb on one side of it:

Screenshot (34)

After that, you see the Millenium Falcon fly through a bunch of tentacles.

Teaser Trailer

In trailer 2, you see Han tell Lando Calrissian, “I heard a story about you, is it true?” Lando replies “Everything you heard about me is true.” Han might be going up to him to play sabacc to win the Millenium Falcon. Lando Calrissian seems to have a droid. There is also a new type of stormtrooper called the range trooper:

Range Troopers.png

You see them fighting Han Solo on a train that might be on Coreilla. If it is, then Coreilla is a snowy planet. Next, Han discovers that Chewbacca is 190 years old.


That is what I know so far about Solo: A Star Wars Story. If there is anything I missed, then tell me in the comments.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Parallels to Other Films


The Last Jedi, still being somewhat new (even though Solo is coming soon), has parallels to other movies.

One of them is the Battle of Crait. The First Order uses the AT-M6s while the Empire uses AT-ATs. The Resistance and the Rebellion use tiny speeders that have no chance of defeating them. Not to mention that both planets are white. C3-P0 also told everyone that they were going to die.

When Luke duels Kylo Ren at the end of The Last Jedi, he says, “Strike me down in anger and I will always be with you.” In A New Hope, Obi-Wan says, “If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

Binary Sunset

Before Luke dissolves, he looks at the twin suns at Anch-To. That is like the famous scene in A New Hope when Luke looks out at the sunset on Tatooine.

Praetorian Guard

In Snoke’s throne room, the praetorian guards are in red like the royal guards in Return of the Jedi. Snoke put Rey’s lightsaber on the arm of his throne like Palpatine did in Return of the Jedi. Kylo Ren and Darth Vader both kill their master to save Rey or Luke.

Kylo Ren flies into the hangar bay of the Raddus like Anakin flying into the hangar bay of a Trade Federation ship.

Its a Trap

Of course, Admiral Ackbar died in a trap.

Both Finn and Luke begin the movie in a tank healing from their injuries. How can they breathe if they are trapped in a bacta tank, though?

Rey trains with Luke on a remote planet like Luke and Yoda did. There were no porgs on Dagobah.

Luke threw Anakin’s lightsaber away like he did with his own in Return of the Jedi. (R. I. P. Anakin’s lightsaber though.)

Rey Cracking Ground

When Rey cracks the ground in The Last Jedi, maybe she did that on Starkiller Base. It was probably just the planet imploding.

A Wreched Hive of Scum and Villiany

Rose says that Canto Bight is full of the worst people. She was looking in the wrong places. It is Tatooine. Or maybe it was Obi-Wan who was wrong? I don’t know. Speaking of Canto Bight, it is similar to Cloud City. They both go there to find help. But in The Empire Strikes Back, they actually got it.

When Rey and Kylo Ren defeat the praetorian guards, Kylo Ren offers Rey a chance to rule the galaxy. That has been in a lot of Star Wars movies.

Chewie AT-ST

On the Supremecy, we see BB-8 steal an AT-ST. Chewbacca did the same thing during the Battle of Endor.

Those are a some of the parallels between the films.

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Who is Snoke?

Darth Jar Jar Binks?


Darth Jar Jar Binks?

I found this theory that Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord. Before we start with why he is not, I briefly want to tell you why I think it is a bad theory. It is Jar Jar. George Lucas would not give such a hated character a big role. Here is why that is true:

Jar Jar Big Jump

Jar Jar does a huge leap into the water. That has to use the Force, right? No. He is kind of like an amphibian. Frogs can jump high, so why not Jar Jar? If he is amphibian-like, then the jump into the water is normal.


His clumsiness, oddly enough, is supposedly a style to make himself innocent. When George Lucas said that Jar Jar Binks was based off Goofy from Mickey Mouse, that also helps prove that he is not. Is Goofy a villain? No. So Jar Jar is not a Sith.

Jar Jar on Tatooine

Strangely, Jar Jar supposedly did mind tricks to influence the Naboo Guards. It looks like he is mouthing what the Naboo Guard is saying, but he is actually just breathing. He is a water creature and is hot in the two suns of Tatooine. He even said: “The suns doin’ murder to meesa skin.”

Jar Jar Falling.gif

Jar Jar, who also “jumped” from a bridge, did it when they were fighting battle droids. We see him fall after Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon jump. He grabbed onto a ledge and was swinging back and forth. Then, he landed in a different place from Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. It was because he was swinging back and forth.

So, that is why Jar Jar Binks is not a Sith Lord. Snoke is not a Sith Lord, but Jar Jar isn’t Snoke, either. Speaking of Snoke, I made a post about him here.


Who is Snoke?

*Spoiler Alert*

For those of you who have seen The Last Jedi, you will know that Snoke is dead. For those of you who haven’t, don’t say I didn’t tell you there were spoilers. But no one knows who Snoke really was.

First of all, Disney shouldn’t have killed him. Snoke could have done a lot more than sitting on his throne and talking to Kylo Ren and General Hux. We never got to even see him fight. He could have had powers to rival Darth Sidious. However, we will never know. Darth Maul did survive being cut in half so Snoke might have.

So who is he? First of all, I think he is a new guy, but I don’t want to think that. I’m going to go through some of the theories.

  1. Mace Windu: Some people say that Snoke is Mace Windu. It seems plausible but quite unlikely. So, after he got blasted out the window in Revenge of the Sith, he went underground and resurfaced 53 years later as a guy named Snoke.  I don’t think that is possible. Mace Windu did use Vaapad. That lightsaber style is one that brings you closest to the Dark Side. He died. He died. Ok, he died. He’s not alive. Mace Windu got blasted with Force Lighting, got his hand cut off, and fell 1500 feet. Despite being a Jedi Master, he couldn’t survive. He was shocked in both ways (lighting and startled.)Mace Windu
  2. Jar Jar Binks: Okay, so Jar Jar Binks was responsible for everything because he is Jar Jar Binks. That’s all I need to say. So that means that he isn’t Snoke.Darth Jar Jar
  3. Darth Plagueis: People think that Snoke is Darth Plagueis. I agree with this one the most because it makes so much more sense. Darth Plagueis could influence Midi-Chlorians to create life. So, Palpatine murdered him in his sleep. Plagueis sensed his apprentice and made more life. Even though he was killed, he survived. And maybe Palpatine stabbed him in his cheek? Odd place but Palpatine was an odd person. That would explain how his cheek is all warped.

Darth Plagueis the Wise

So that explains who Snoke is. (Kind of)


Coming soon: Darth Jar Jar.

Star Wars Night at Angel Stadium

We went to Angel Stadium for Star Wars Night.


They were playing the Texas Rangers. When we went into the stadium, we got Rebel Pilot Rally Monkeys for free. We bought Dippin’ Dots ice cream and headed to our seats. We were there when the entertainment began.

Darth Vader, R2-D2, and C3-PO came on the field! They were followed by Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, and Princess Leia.


They got off the field while a kid dressed up as C3-PO called, “Play ball!”

When the batters were up, the Angels faces were photoshopped with the clothing of Star Wars good guys. The Rangers, on the other hand, looked like Stormtroopers. They played a funny clip of Yoda saying, “Do, or do not, there is no try.” It showed baseball saves and fails.

There was not much excitement until the 4th inning when the Angels scored 2 runs. Then the Rangers scored 2 runs. The Rangers scored another 2 runs putting them ahead. The Angels came back with 4 runs so they were ahead by 2! Finally, the Rangers scored 1 more run making the final 6-7. The Angels won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During the postgame, I was on TV.

I am the one in the Star Wars shirt.

Star Wars Night was very fun.

My Clone Wars Story

This is a Star Wars story I wrote a few years ago.

One day Anakin and Obi-wan’s Delta 7 Jedi Starfighters were cruising over the planet Geonosis. Below them were six AT-TEs, but close behind was a squad of battle droids! Suddenly two vulture droids swooped out of nowhere! There was a fierce battle between Obi-wan and Anakin’s Delta-7s and the Vulture droids. Obi-wan and Anakin chased the vulture droids for a while but in the end Obi-wan and Anakin blew them up!

They landed. When they got out the clone troopers noticed a squad of droids. They took them down easily. Then some more Vulture droids came for the Jedi. The AT-TEs started battling. They destroyed two vulture droids. Most of the droids fled. While that happened Anakin had boarded his Jedi starfighter and taken down some vulture droids. Obi-wan landed and said “I think that’s all”, but Anakin argued “I don’t think so” Obi-wan agreed. Just then they heard some footsteps and turned around to see it was a battle droid! They destroyed it. While they were heading back to the Jedi temple they found a droid factory! Some of the clone troopers’ thermal detonators  went to blow up the droid factory. They found the main reactor without being noticed. The droids thought they were commando droids. (Those droids disguise as clone troopers.) Two super battle droids were guarding the main reactor. They defeated the droids but a few clone troopers fell.

Meanwhile, The Jedi found a droid patrol. It had some walking vulture droids, battle droids, a spider droid, and a few super battle droids. They decided to fight. After all, they had some AT-TEs they could send the clone troopers out to battle the droids. The Jedi decided to take on the vulture droids. They checked their shields and if their astromech droids were ready. The AT-TEs surrounded the spider droid. “It was easy.” The clone troopers said. Unfortunately, the droid commander had contacted the factory for reinforcements and they came!

The clone troopers blew up the factory! Mission complete!  They made it back to the battle just in time for the Separatist reinforcements. Obi-wan got some dropships that helped destroy the hailfire droids. The republic gunships were the heroes! They had fresh clone troopers! Without the gunships the clones might’ve lost the battle!

On Naboo Padme was having her problems. The droids were attacking again! All the Naboo pilots jumped into their starfighters and started battling. She wished Anakin were there. She remembered the time he blew up the Trade federation battleship. That’s how they won the battle!

When the Jedi and the clones got back to the senate building they told the council of their mission. They were happy when they learned that the droid factory had been blown up! It was the 501 legion  .

Back on Naboo before the droids had blocked off the communication they found out about the droids. They sent a message to the Jedi Temple asking for help. The Republic assault ships sent out wave after wave of clones to push the droids back! Not including the republic gunships and ARF-100 Starfighters. Some gunships went to blow up the droid control center. They didn’t blow up the control center but got most of the vulture droids! The cruisers sent out some more gunships to try and blow up the control center. This time they succeeded! Back on Naboo the droids got shut down and Naboo won the battle! In the battle after Obi-won and Anakin had blown up the droid factory. They flew through hyperspace to Naboo and started firing at the core ship on the trade federation battleship. They blew up the command tower. But there were backup pilot droids so they detached the core ship from the ring! That sent the gunships and the Jedi chasing the ship. They got it by the main reactor. BOOM the ship blew up. They won again!

What no one knew was that Chancellor Palpatine was really Darth Sidious. The council planned a sneak attack on a separatist base. Then Palpatine delivered the plans to the base in his private office. Unfortunately Mace Windu was spying on Palpatine. He was suspicious about the chancellor. Windu saw a hologram of Count Dooku he received the plans for the sneak attack. Mace Windu used the force to alert the other 11 members of the council! They were shocked. They never suspected their leader to be a sith. They planned the sneak attack a different way! The Jedi and the clone troopers Took over the base and drove out all the droids! They pretended to not know he was Darth Sidious. He never suspected they did.

The members of the council held a meeting about Palpatine. They decided to break into his office and keep him prisoner. Anakin, Mace Windu, Yoda, Ploo Koon, Kit Fist, and Obi-Wan took part in it. Some clone soldiers helped the Jedi. The high chancellor overheard the plans. He fled to a secret separatist base!  He knew which bounty hunter he should hire for the Imprisonment of Mace Windu. Darth Sidious told Count Dooku to call for Boba Fett. Not only was he a great bounty hunter, Jango Fett, his father was killed by Mace Windu. He wanted revenge.

When Slave 1 landed at the base, Sidious gave Boba Fett the instructions and credits. “I want Mace Windu here alive!He checked his blaster was loaded, his jetpacks and concession missile ready. Then he flew off. Once he got out of orbit he jumped into hyperspace!

When he reached Coruscant, Boba broke into the Jedi Temple. He used a lock pick to break into Mace Windu’s room! When Windu was heading to his room, he sensed a clone inside. He knew it was not a republic clone trooper. So, he ignited his lightsaber. Boba Fett had killed a clone sentry on his way and changed into his armor. He left his Mandalorian armor in Slave 1.  What Mace Windu saw did not surprise him. He knew a smart opponent would wear a disguise. Boba fired a shot but it bounced off a purple blade. The bounty hunter dodged and the bolt hit the wall putting a hole in it. He fired a round of laser fire causing the Jedi to duck and swipe at the legs. Boba Quickly jumped back in surprise. He fired at Windu’s head but it was deflected toward Boba. He used his jetpacks and locked a concession missile on the Jedi. Boba Fett flew up and fired a shot at Mace Windu who was having enough trouble using the force to push the missile away from himself. When Windu heard the shot being fired, he pushed the missile toward the shot. The missile exploded. Finally, the battle ended and Boba Fett ran away.

He flew back to the base to refuel on supplies. The next idea he had was to get a clone trooper with a tranquilizer dart to capture Mace Windu. He knew that Windu and some other Jedi were going to take Palpatine as a prisoner. Then he decided to ask Sidious to let him into his office, so he could capture Mace Windu. Things went as planned. Windu was captured. The council rescued him. The only thing is Dooku took his lightsaber. The council figured that the Seperatists would put it in Grevious’s secret base. They sent Kit Fisto and Obi-Wan to retrieve Windu’s lightsaber.

They found some vulture droids on their tails! Luckily, they easily destroyed the droids. When they got to the base they found two battle droids and chopped them in half. They tried the door but found out it was fake! They broke in with a hole in the wall. They saw Darth Sidious’s lightsaber ignited. They fought fiercely. The sith was gravely injured at the Jedi’s mercy. They asked for some gunships to bring the Sith Lord to the Temple on Coursacant. Back to the mission, they located a map of the base thanks to Obi-wan’s astromech R4-G9. Soon enough, they found Grevious’s stash of lightsabers. They had the helpful droids disable the security cameras. They grew worried that the lightsaber might not be there! But the last lightsaber they came to was the one they came for.

Back at the Jedi Temple Obi-Wan and Kit Fisto marched in proudly! Mace Windu went up to greet them. “Do you have my lightsaber?” he asked calmly. “Of course,” Obi-wan said. He reached into his belt and pulled out…Nothing! “You must’ve left it in your Starfighter,” Kit Fisto said. Obi-Wan headed back to his Starfighter. On his way, he saw Anakin and Ahsoka heading off for a mission. “Where are you going?” Obi-Wan asked “Tatooine,” Anakin said at the same time Ahsoka said “Jabba’s palace,” “Well go,” Obi-wan said. “Wait!” Anakin exclaimed, “Where are you going?” “My Starfighter,” Obi-Wan answered. Then the conversation ended. He found the lightsaber and returned it to Mace Windu.

When Grevious found his lightsaber was missing, he wanted to attack the Jedi Temple to get his lightsaber back. He asked a droid commander to lead the attack. The commander said that the Jedi were too powerful. Then the supreme commander of the droid army chopped that battle droid in half. “Those things are so weak and vulnerable.” “Maybe I should lead the attack myself,” he thought. For the invasion he ordered 10 Seperatists fleets for the space battle, Droid gunships and STAPS for air. For ground he ordered MTTs, AATs and a separatist droid army.

Meanwhile the Republic intercepted  information that General Grevious had called an attack on the Jedi temple. They planned to defend with The Resolute and other Jedi Cruisers. On the ground, they attacked with clone troopers led by Commander Cody. AT-TEs, and AT-RTs blew up AATs. Republic gunships turned droid gunships to scrap metal.

Very soon the battle was won by the Republic. Although the clone troopers did not outnumber the droids, they were smarter. By the end of the battle most of the battle droids had been defeated. Annakin led his Y-wing bombers on whole separatist cruisers! A few times they succeeded. A few Y-wings blew up from the cruisers explosion. Most of the time they had to get past vulture droids or trifighters. Finally, The Malevolence loomed up in front of shadow squadron. Anakin commanded his ships to open fire on the command bridge. “If we blow it up this flagship willl be useless,” Anakin stated. They dodged turbolasers. Soon, they got behind the command bridge where the scanners could not find them. Suddenly BOOM! The command bridge blew up with General Grevious flying away.

I think we can destroy this thing now. “OPEN FIRE ON THE MAIN REACTOR!” Anakin ordered. Suddenly, a bunch of explosions erupted on the disabled ship. But the Seperatists had other ideas because then an overwhelming number of droid starfighters attacked! Only to be followed by and equally overwhelming number of Republic Starfighters! Fortunately, that left Anakin’s ships to continue destroying The Malevolence. Soon they found an opening which turned out to be the docking bay. Then there was a computer terminal. R2-D2 used his computer interference arm and found the plans for the Ion cannons! Finally, the Clone pilots returned to the Y-Wings with Anakin. They flew through the ship to the reactor core. There Ashoka fired the torpedoes! She scored a direct hit on the main reactor. The Starfighters flew out of the ship just in time! BOOM! “That was close,” Anakin said relieved.

“Now find Grevious,” Anakin ordered. “Shadow 1 and 3 you go together. Shadow 4 and 6, go.  Shadow 7 and 8, you two are together. Shadow 11 you’re the leader. Shadow 9 Come back with me.” When they got back to The Resolute, Anakin took a gunship down to the battle with a platoon of clone troopers.  He found the Republic was losing. All that changed when he entered! Battle droids were nothing but scraps. He jumped into an MTT and sliced the droid carried in half when the hatch opened the commander peered in and saw what happened he called for more MTTs. When the battle ended, maintenance clones cleaned up the remains of the battle.

Although Grevious was not found, they had the coordinates to his new base. It was hidden in the jungles of the planet Teth. In fact, right by the castle where Rotta, the huttlet, was found! Anakin and his padawan knew the place well. For that very reason, they went on the mission.

Soon, their Starfighters dropped out of hyperspace. The planet they were looking at looked like a green marble. They touched down on the castle’s landing pad. When they entered the castle they checked every room not knowing where Grevious might be lurking. Suddenly, they saw him exiting a room. Lightsabers ignited, they charged! Grevious, not ready, grabbed his lightsaber and fought back. Then his arms split in two! They grabbed more lightsabers! That challenged the Jedi. No problem for them. They called for the hidden platoon of troops. Suddenly, he was surrounded. Finally, he jumped up and ran! The Jedi and clones chased him. He jumped into his starfighter and was off. Luckily, a Jedi cruiser was nearby! It found Grevious before he found the cruiser. It used a tractor beam to get the Starfighter. The cyborg was captured! He was brought to Coursacant, where he was planned for interrogation. Unfortunately, somehow he was saved. No one knew how. And if any droids had seen it their memory was wiped.

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