Going to the Police Station!

Yesterday, we went to the Newport Beach Police Station with our homeschool group. outdoor-group-picThe tour started by seeing the Chief of Police who was passing by.  

The police are very important because of all the things they do and lives they save!

Then, we visited the shooting range. We weren’t able to go in because the rangemaster wasn’t there. The police have to go in and practice every six weeks. shooting-range-room The next stop was a room where the people in jail could talk to their family. newport-beach-pd-and-book-pix-072 After that, we visited juvenile hall. It looked very boring.

Just a picture. We did nothing bad.

 The only jail cell we visited was one with just a toilet and a water fountain above it. (No, the water fountain’s water is not hooked up to the toilet.) Finally, when we were walking to the 911 room we saw an officer who showed us what was on his belt.

 It had ammunition, a gun, his phone and a taser. We did go to the 911 room after he finished showing us what was on his belt. There was a delay because they were in the middle of a 911 call. The room looked really cool. 911-room-learning There were a lot of computers and a TV showing something with Donald Trump. The workers were calling through their computers. If you’re calling 911 from a cell phone, you should know where you are. Otherwise, they won’t know and it will take longer. We finished in the room where the tour started. On the steps of the police station we took some pictures. The field trip was very fun.


Touring Angel Stadium

We had a private tour of Angel Stadium with a group of friends.


group-shot-mickeyWhile outside we learned that Angel Stadium and Fenway Park, to list two, each have a Mickey Mouse because they won a World Series. We started at the 2002 World Series Case. Then the group went up the elevators. Floor 2 was almost employees only.press-room Our tour guide told us that her favorite time in the press conference room was during the drafting. We went to the FOX sports press box. Finally, we went to the Gene Autry Suite. It had a real Rod Carew jersey! Then we took the elevator down to the visiting team room. It was cool, but from what we heard the Angels room is nicer. Then came the best part… We went to the Angels dugout!dugout-group2 After the tour we bought some hats in the gift shop. Both the Angel Stadium and Fenway Park tours were amazing.





Hike to the Water Hole

On the last day of March, we had fun at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary with friends. We hiked to the water hole, and Thomas was our guide. When we arrived, we were going to play football. Unfortunately, before we started it was time for the picnic. After the picnic, Thomas reviewed the safety rules.


The hike was a total of four miles, and we were proceeding excitedly to the water hole. We saw two garter snakes on the way. Lucas touched Stinging Nettle and Poison Oak. We were stomping in the snake area to scare them.


Finally, we arrived at our destination. It was the watering hole. We saw a water snake which had a really thin body. Lindy captured a newt. Some people held and/or touched the newt. I’m glad I didn’t because it was poisonous! Thomas filtered some water with his portable water filter.


The water tasted far better than normal. Kate and Ciara kept asking for more. People walked on the rocks, and I did. Thomas started bouldering. I joined soon after but not soon enough. When I started, it was time to leave.

On the way back Luke almost got bit by a rattlesnake! He was about five inches away! Quickly, Thomas tried to hit the snake with a stick. He failed and succeeded. He missed, and the snake bit the stick instead. Before we finished the trek, we saw a Pacific Ringneck.

Not everyone returned home right after the hike. We walked into the museum and looked at the animals. After everyone but one family left, they bought us ice cream.  Meanwhile, Kate and Sarah were doing art. Next, we went to the park. Lucas, Ian and I played football. Then, we threw rocks over the play equipment. We needed to go to the bathroom so went to a volunteer fire station. That day was a really good d

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