This a blog about my life as a Southern Californian homeschooler. We are so busy with our activities, we are only home one day of the week! On Mondays, we have a homeschool basketball league in the afternoon so we have a full day of schoolwork. On Tuesdays, there are field trips with friends. We sometimes go to Disneyland after. That is where all my Disneyland posts come from. On Wednesdays, Co-op takes up the day. We have fun classes. My classes are:

  • Public Speaking
  • Blogging and 21st-Century Skills (I learn to blog in that class. That is why I make this fun blog.)
  • Botany
  • Strategy Games

On Thursdays, there are no activities so we have a full day of schoolwork. On Friday afternoons, we sail but kayak if the winds are too strong. We don’t have a full day of schoolwork because there is a fun class in the morning. As you can tell, we have a busy schedule! I can still reply if you contact me though.