The Tortoise and the Hare/ Santa and the Reindeer

I had to write a story where you take an Aesop’s Fable and change it to have Christmas characters. The story I wrote is actually pretty good. (In my opinion.) So I decided to post it here. This is it:

Santa and the reindeer got into a fight. He drove them all around the world and ate cookies. The reindeer only ate veggies. I ask you, how fair is that? So the reindeer went on strike. Santa was mad. Sadly, the reindeer still wouldn’t go to work so Santa had to deliver the presents all by himself.

It turns out, the reindeer would go to work. Just not with Santa at the reins. So, they called the Easter Bunny.

Santa still wanted to deliver toys, but how could an old man walk around the world with a sack on his back? So he proposed a competition. He would race the reindeer around the North Pole. At first the reindeer were confused.

“How can we all run around a pole? It is too small.” The reindeer asked. Santa cleared everything up. They had to race around the whole North Pole. The reindeer were all like, “Lol omg so ez.*”

And so it began. The elves filled the stands. The Easter Bunny stood out because he was as tall as a normal human. On one end you saw 8 reindeer, and on the other end, you saw a fat old man. The odds were so low of Santa winning the elves bet against their master.

The horn suddenly blew and the sound of sleigh bells tinkled through the air. The race had started. Santa took off at a record speed of 5 mph. The reindeer, however, started at a slow speed of 20 mph. Soon, Santa was left in the dust. Besides the fact that there is no dust on the North Pole.

Starting to become cocky, the reindeer walked. Santa appeared on the horizon, but they weren’t concerned. The reindeer trotted for another half hour. Next, they went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Santa was devouring his cookie stash because he was hungry. He saw the reindeer sleeping and drew a mustache on Comet. Santa, contrary to popular belief, has a kind of mischievous side. After that, he walked the rest of the way there.

The reindeer woke up and didn’t see Santa on the horizon. They started galloping. No one decided to tell Comet about his mustache. They assumed that Santa was just beyond their line of vision. They were wrong. Then Blitzen checked his phone and realized that they had been sleeping for 14 hours.

When they arrived, Santa had just finished a new Instagram post about winning the race. He hashtagged it #ReindeerNoobs. The Easter Bunny didn’t really care. He had enough stuff to do himself.

In the end, Christmas was saved and I got my yearly allowance of useless junk.

*The bad grammar was intended to be there.