Field Trip to the Ecovivarium

After the field trip to the Museum of Music, we went to the Ecovivarium reptile museum. They had lots of, you guessed it, reptiles. The museum only took rescued animals which is 98% and animals donated to them which is 2%. They have two turtles. One of them is named George, and he is just a shell. There is also Ninja who is alive.

Displaying music museum and reptile zoo jan 17  204.JPG
Strangely enough, Ninja is not black.

Ninja lives in a pyramid that is a good size for him. One of the reptiles had survived a fire but had some of his toes burned off.

Displaying music museum and reptile zoo jan 17 266.JPG
This is the one that was in the fire.

Another was blind. One of them can change gender by losing a lot of his tail. He can’t switch back, though. A lot of the stories were quite sad. There was one water monitor who was showing off when enough people were there.

The water monitor, Max.

At the end, we had snakes slither along our legs. One of their snakes, Valentine, might be in the Guinness Book of World Records because he is gigantic.

This is Valentine.

Valentine was rescued the night of Valentine’s Day. The snake was being kept in the garage and was dying. Thankfully, Valentine was rescued and nursed back to health.

The water monitor, Max, was going to come out. He was staying in the back of his habitat because he thought he was not going to see us. He was sad. One of the kids, Griffin, went back there so Max would come out. He did. That field trip was as fun as the one to the Museum of Music.