Museum of Music

Yesterday, we went to the Museum of Making Music in San Diego. They started by taking us to the guitar lab where we learned about electric guitars. The body of the guitar, which is the part that you strum, can be any shape. The most popular shape is the Stratocaster which is what you usually see when you think of an electric guitar. The neck is the part which is sticking out of the guitar. We then went over the pickups.  They are magnetic, and they take the sound and send it through the wire to the amplifier.

We had some African drums which we played after. They had a hole in the bottom to make the sound. Some of the kids conducted including me and my sisters. music-museum-and-reptile-zoo-jan-17-047

Next, we went on a tour through the museum. In the first room, there were a few instruments from each family. The four instrument families are: woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings. band2 They had some rooms where you got to play the instruments. Inside the last room, they showed MTV. In one band, all of the guys had long hair, and they were wearing brightly colored outfits. One of the musicians looked in the camera sideways.


Then, we went to a room with a bunch of instruments that you could play. For all of the electric ones, you had to use headphones. They even had an electric drum set.

The electric drum set.

That was a very fun field trip. There was another one after it. I will write about that soon.