Global Wildlife Center

On the last day of our Christmas trip to Lousiana, we went to the Global Wildlife Center. Riding on a bus, we viewed and fed animals on a safari through their property. global-kate-ready-for-alpaca They had lots of animals. We weren’t allowed to feed the zebras because they bite.

They can take photos well.

The deer followed us around the whole safari. Some of them were fighting.

The fighting deer.

They even had llamas and alpacas! global-alpaca You were allowed to hand-feed them. We each got one cup of animal feed. At the end of the safari, since I had some feed left over, I dumped it out. There was a big animal gathering with all of them trying to eat the food. Some cows looked like Texas Longhorns but they weren’t. They were from Asia.

They do have long horns.

In the gift shop, I bought some sunglasses that have mirrors on them so you can see behind you. That was one of the most fun things we did during that vacation.