My Rebel Alliance Story Part Two

Now their base was finished. For patrol, they had modified T-47 arispeeders into snowspeeders. Rebels tamed tauntauns for patrol. No Imperials were sighted in the control room. It was just regular duties for everyone.

A star destroyer was sighted, but it just flew right past. Patrolling was very boring. They were mostly flying past nothing. One, time, a wampa attacked Luke’s snowspeeder but Dak, his gunner, blasted it. Another time a Probe droid was found. It was captured, and its memory was wiped. It only remembered Hoth. Luke went on a mission to Mon Calamari to meet someone named Captain Ackbar. The meeting went well, and he agreed to support the rebels!

Luke went on a spy mission as an imperial officer and was called Admiral Starkiller. They found the rebel base on Geonosis! Promoted, General Starkiller was communicating with the rebels when he was not on duty. He informed them that the Imperials had found their base. They heard the meeting was important because their base was a flying cruiser. Meanwhile, on the Executor Luke was delivering all the Imperial plans to the rebels’ base. When the Imperials got to the abandoned droid factory, all they saw was a few battle droids walking around. The Impeirals figured they had a traitor. No one suspected General Starkiller. Soon he left the Executor. In a shuttle, he flew to a star destroyer and took command of it. He ignored an officer who informed him there were rebels nearby. They were sent to look for the base. The rebels knew which star destroyer was his, so they wouldn’t destroy it. He was actually leading the star destroyer away from the Home One! That way the base wouldn’t be discovered.
He took an imperial shuttle back to the rebel base. They knew it was Luke because he informed them that he would come in a shuttle. All the information let them stay away from the imperials. But soon all the information was old! Now the rebels were on the run! Unfortunately, their scanners were not as long as that of star destroyer Tracker. It found the Home One and was forced to flee. The rebels had a meeting. Luke addressed the rebel leaders of a plan to defeat the Empire once and for all.

Luke announced, “We will lure TIE fighters to our base and steal their ships. Fly them back and report the rebel base is on Malastare. There the whole rebel fleet will be waiting.” The loss of ten star destroyers and seven hundred twenty-two TIE fighters greatly weakened the empire. One of the Executor’s engines was damaged! It barely made the jump to hyperspace. The emperor was enraged when he found out he had been tricked. He ordered the building of a new Executor. An accident in the bridge blew up the whole project. It was decided that there would be a shield generator placed on Endor. The Ewoks could not harm it. (Or so the Emperor thought.) “Now the Death Star 2 is undefeatable!” the Emperor exclaimed. It did have one flaw. If the rebels got through the shield they could fly through the interior, fire at the main reactor and blow it up. His shuttle was used many other times. For example, that was the same one that they took to Endor.

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