Product Review- Lego Harry Potter 2011 Hogwarts

In 2013 for Christmas, I got the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts along with The Knight Bus. It comes with seven Minifigures. They are Professor Sprout, Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, Gregory Goyle, Nevile Longbottom, a dementor and Lucius Malfoy. The set is 466 pieces.


There are three parts. The bridge and two towers. The bottom of the towers feature the dungeons.

The dungeon with the Room of Requirement above it.

On the right tower, there is the Room of Requirement which does not have anything in it.

The Room of Requirement

Above it is Lupin’s office.

His unnecessary of office.

On the top, is the Mirror of Erised.

The Mirror


On the other tower, we have more dungeons,

Does Hogwarts ever have prisoners?

Gryffindor common rooms,

I wish the commons were like Hogwarts 4842.

the astronomy tower,

No telescope?!

and divination room.

The cups are for tea leaves.


The bridge has a cool feature. When the Death Eaters set fire to Hogwarts, it seems they would do it to the bridge. There are flame pieces that push the loose bricks covering the bridge away. It looks like the bridge is on fire.

The bridge mechanism. It should have 3 flame pieces but I lost one.


This Hogwarts can also connect to Hogwarts 4842. You can switch parts around like putting the two towers next to each other and the bridge on one side. The only problem is that the rooms are somewhat small. There are only 68 studs on each floor. You have to subtract studs for each Lego that is placed down, too. Also, I don’t understand why Lupin has an office there. He had resigned in year 3. Defense Against the Dark Arts was taught by Amycus Carrow. Those are most of the cons I can think of.

Overall, it is a good set, and I would recommend you get it.