Fossil Hunting

We looked for fossils during a hike on Tuesday. Our guide knew the right area so we found plenty. I took one home with me.

Group picture

We arrived at Cook’s Corner to meet up with the group, and I climbed a hollow tree.

Walking down the trail to the fossil area

We went with a guide who we have been with twice. His name is Joel. He always has us introduce ourselves somewhat the same way. We tell who we are and where we come from. We are really allowed to say we came from anywhere. I usually say I came from “somewhere.”

When we started on the hike, we pointed out rocks we found that were interesting. None of them were fossils, though. We saw some burnt logs from a fire that ravaged that area a few years ago.

In a tree killed during the fire.

We walked down that trail for awhile. We came to a natural rock climbing place. There were two caves with a lot of litter.

My sisters in the cave

You couldn’t really fit into the caves, though. I went into that cave and one a little higher that is hard to reach. After that, we went to the creek. There were a lot of fossils.

Some Fossils

There was also a rock that looked like a dinosaur. We walked down a little farther to a sulfur pond. It smelled really bad. The smell was like rotten eggs. We went down a little farther, once again, to a great place to climb. I found it, and everybody followed me.

We went about as far as the camera shows.

John and I went the highest. That probably sounds confusing, but there is another John who I am friends with. The view from there was so high it made me dizzy. Christian and Ian made it up behind me. We all went down together, but John went down first. We walked down the path a little farther then turned back. Everybody was getting tired, but I could’ve walked a little farther.


The area with the burnt trees was fun. The wood was so soft I could take some of it off. The result was getting my hands sooty. My sisters did it, too.

For dinner, we stopped by Peppino’s Pizza to buy some pizza and wash my hands. The day was good from the fun hike to the delicious pizza.

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