Shelter Building

Last Tuesday, we went on a hike with our friends. Our leader, Joel, showed us where we were going to build a shelter. erectingshelter2 When we arrived, there was work to be done. First of all, there was the problem of finding enough sticks to make the shape. The shape was going to have one long stick diagonally held up by two small sticks. After we found the sticks, we used others like the two shorter ones to create a wall.

Bringing a stick over for the shelter.

I tied together two crisscrossing sticks because it looked like one was going to knock the other one down. We used plant fiber to tie the sticks together. The knot I used was a random one, but it worked surprisingly well. After that, we put leaves on it.


Before that, Kasen, Ian and I went to find some more sticks because our supply was running low. We brought back some good ones. I found a straight one which was awesome. We were trying to get down the stick on a dead yucca, but it was time to put the leaves on.

Going to get a stick. The yucca in the background is the one we tried to pull off.

Kasen had a great idea. He found a stick like a rake and raked up the leaves for us to put on the shelter. I went inside the shelter when they were putting the leaves on. It was raining leaves! I did go out to put on more leaves. We were putting them on to make insulation. The result was a good but not very comfortable shelter. It would still work, but it would be much better if you had a blanket. Even though we didn’t sleep in it, you  definitely could.


If you can’t already tell from the words and the picture, you should know it is uncomfortable.

It was quite fun building the shelter.



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