Visiting Sturbridge Village

One of the best days of our trip to New England was going to Sturbridge Village.

 After we paid for admission Sarah, Kate and me played in the Kidstory which is a play area themed to colonial times.

It is not real wood.

 After we played there, we went into the village itself. We arrived in time for a cobbler demonstration.

 After that, my family toured the village which included the general store, the friend’s house, which is a Quaker meeting place, tin shop, Towne house the Townes were a family, the church and bank. We walked into another section of the village which contained, most notably, the blacksmith.

At the blacksmith

 His fire was extremely hot. They also had a sawmill, gristmill and carding mill.

Carding at the carding mill.

 After that all of us visited the schoolhouse and the beehives  We went back to the Kidstory and played some more. After that we went back to the village for a horse and wagon ride.

The horse and wagon.