Riley’s Apple Farm

On Tuesday, we did our weekly field trip at Riley’s Apple Farm. Here you can experience a homesteader’s life in the late 1890’s, pick apples and make cider. There is also Riley’s Farm which is different.

 It is a 2 hour drive from our house. Before the field trip started, the owner played banjo. I got to play triangle for one song! 

Playing triangle in the background. I don’t look happy because I was busy concentrating.

 When the field trip started, we went to see what a homestead would be like in the late 1890’s. The cabin was soo small.  There was just one room and one bed. I could live in it for about 5 minutes. There was also a garden. The way I watered it was using the frying pan they supplied and flung the water out. I didn’t use it the whole time, though.

I used a normal watering can in that picture.

 The coffee that they made for us was bitter. I used a rubber mallet with a head the size of a potato to smash the coffee beans. They had live chickens next to a house. In the house,we pretended zombies were going to attack us. After that, we got lunch. We assisted making a rope by being loops to keep the rope from going everywhere.

Making the rope.

 After that, the group made apple cider.

 The way we did it:

  1. You select apples.
  2. You press them.
  3. You take the cider that comes though.

 Next, we went on a hike through the apple grove. We learned seeds of an apple grow into random types of apple trees. There are thousands of varieties! Finally, we shot bow and arrows. In other words, we did archery. I had the harder target, so, I didn’t do well. To me it didn’t matter. Since I will be a Boy Scout, I will have a lot of practice. Overall, it was a fun field trip, but that’s not all.

After the field trip, we left for Law’s Oak Glen Coffee Shop for famous apple pie.

Eating the pie.

 Then, came the long drive home.