Last Tuesday, we went to the Tessman Planetarium at Santa Ana College.

Us in a picture with some of the pictures.

 Parking was hard to find at the college, so we parked in a nearby shopping center. We arrived 15 minutes before anyone else!! When they did finally arrive, the show started.

The group walked into a domed room that housed the show which was called How Rare is the Earth?  It started off simply enough and showed where the planets would be 10/5/2016. We learned about the planets and if there could be life on them. We skipped Earth.

Some of the things we learned were:

  • Some of Jupiter and Saturn’s moons might have life.
  • Buzz Lightyear has gone into space and boarded the International Space Station but didn’t quite explore as far as he wanted. He was confined to the ISS.
  • There is a nebula that looks like the face of a witch.

At one funny moment, the music made it sound like we were at a beach party. The presentation was perfect except for when he put on the wrong music, but I wasn’t mad. It could have been a prank for all I know. Afterwards, we took  group picture with Dr. Eastman.planetarium-dr-eastmans I loved it and we went to Disneyland after that!



Halloween at Disneyland

One of the special times to visit Disneyland is at Halloween…

As usual, we went with friends. Since Haunted Mansion Holiday is only for a limited time, we started off on it. The ride takes place under the hill behind the outside of the mansion. Disney decorated the passages with busts that can look at you.

I’m watching you…

There are singing flowers that we paused by after Haunted Mansion stopped. They do get annoying after a few minutes.

The singing flowers. Do you notice the toy with a hammer? He follows you around on the ride.

One of the main characters in the Haunted Mansion movie is Madame Leota. This is her head in the crystal ball.

If you look closely, you can see that toy that follows you.

When we finally got off Haunted Mansion, some of our friends were waiting at It’s a Small World. There was someone they met there so we went to go get ice cream at Clarabelle’s Ice Cream Parlor in California Adventure. We had a two scoop cone that we could barely finish eating!

I could barely finish mine! This is my  litle sister.

We met up with our friends at Boudin Sourdough and ate some free sourdough bread . Then we went on California Screamin’ twice. To read about a fun experience on Screamin’, click here. I did not vomit even though I had a giant ice cream.

The second time around!

Next, we went on Toy Story Mania.

The line is normally about forty-five minutes to an hour. We got on it in just thirty minutes. The results of one of the carts in our group was:

Mom                                        Sarah

After that, we went on Golden Zephyr which swings you around in a circular motion. And then- oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, we got Fastpasses for Ghost Galaxy. They were valid between 7:30 and 8:30. By the time we arrived at Ghost Galaxy, it was about 8:15. We were able to get on our space tour in time.

In line for Ghost Galaxy

The problem: there was a space skeleton waiting to attack us.  We did make it safely back into the space station and to our house. Overall, it was another fun day at Disneyland.