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Trip to New England: Sailing Festival

While my family and I were on a vacation in Rhode Island, we went to the Herreshoff Marine Museum and America’s Cup Hall of Fame. They were having a sailing festival. Because we sail in California, this was a good opportunity for us.

ufo non sp
More on this picture later.

They had a lot of boats that anyone could try. When we arrived, there were two boats left. One of them was my sister’s favorite boat called the RS Tera. I sailed a boat I had never sailed before. It was the RS Neo. The wind in Narragansett Bay is stronger than where I usually sail. I didn’t capsize. (Yet)

After that, I took out the blue boat that you see above. It is called a UFO. There are two versions of the UFO. The blue sail one can’t foil (fly). Somehow, in a boat without walls, I stayed really dry. I took out the green sail UFO later. It can foil. More on that later.

After that, I took out the RS Quest.

quest hiking

It is a two-person boat. When I was sailing it, the winds were strong because it was a fast boat, so I had to constantly lean over the edge to keep it flat. I only sailed it for 20 minutes. I did the smaller sail in the front. It’s called the jib.

I was about to go because the foiling UFO was not coming back. The person he was showing it to didn’t want to go back in. The guy ended up ordering a lot of UFOs, though. He came back just in time for me to go on.

ufo sailinghat
Yes, I know this looks like any other picture of someone sailing that you could see anywhere.

It was intense. And I got wet. But it was fun. Because of the large sail in relation to the size of the boat and my weight, it went really fast. But that meant I couldn’t foil without capsizing. Here is a video. That was one of the two times I capsized. I also fell out of the boat once. It was easy because there were no walls. Even though I capsized twice, it was still fun.

The whole day was fun, too.

A couple days later, we visited some of the places where sailboats are made.

We went to Zim Sailing. They make C420sCFJs, and Optimists. They are also one of the few American distributors for RS Sailing. It was cool to see the boats being made. You could see the wood infrastructure of some of them.

zim 420

Next, we went to Fulcrum Speedworks. They make the UFO that I talked about earlier. There is a small facility that makes all the UFOs in the world. Their office is literally just the laptop computers of the people who work there because they are an innovative startup that just focuses on making boats to keep up with the demand.

Both days were fun. And all of it was in a small town in Rhode Island.

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Trip To New England: JFK Library

On our second day in New England, we went to the JFK Library in Boston. At the time, my family was reading a book about the Berlin Wall. Unlike the Nixon and Reagan Libraries, it only showed the good things during his presidency. He attacked the Bay of Pigs while he was president. It is a bay in Cuba. The attack went horrible and they lost terribly. It only mentioned the attack in one sentence.

They had two movies that we watched. The movies were about his life until he got nominated to be president and the  Cuban Missile Crisis. There was one giant room that looked like this:

big flag

Because of the shape of the metal on the walls, I think I could climb it.

After that, we went to the Subway. In Boston, it is called the T.


We could each choose a stop. I couldn’t really think of one but that worked out because everyone was really tired even without my stop. My sister, Kate, just chose a random stop at a park. My mom chose to go to Harvard.

harvard john harvard
The statue in the background is John Harvard.

Her stop took a while because we rested, explored, and played. (I know that sounded like an ad.)

the t boston

My dad stopped at Copley Square. We went to the mall but first we went to the Fairmont Hotel. They had a dog house for the greeter dogs. Finally, we went to the mall. It was 7 stories tall. That is bigger than I thought it would be but I have to judge by malls in Orange County. They are small. The largest one I can think of is 2 stories tall.

We got back to the hotel late that night because we had to drive from Boston to Warwick, Rhode Island. Part of the reason is that we stopped at 99. The kids eat free if the Red Sox win. That works out because the Red Sox are a good team. We went to sleep at 11:00 because we only adjusted to EST at the end of our vacation. That day was fun but tiring.

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Trip to New England: Herreshoff Marine Museum and America’s Cup Hall of Fame

We just returned from a vacation to New England. On our first day, we took the plane to Rhode Island. We had a layover in Baltimore, but we were running out of fuel so we had to stop in Pittsburg to refuel.

When we landed, we went to our hotel room at the Springhill Suites. It was bigger than I expected it to be.

The next day, we went to the Herreshoff Marine Museum and America’s Cup Hall of Fame. They were 2 brothers who built a lot of America’s Cup winning yachts. It has a lot of old boats. They actually let you go in a couple.

sportpopping out herz

The weird thing about the boats is their keel. The keel sticks out from the bottom to keep the boat stable. With smaller boats, it is called a daggerboard or a centerboard. The centerboard cannot come out. It can be lifted up if you need to. The daggerboard can come out. The keel is in a very different shape from what there is today.

The Herreshoff’s won the America’s Cup multiple times. Their biggest boat was the Reliance. They only sailed it once to an America’s Cup victory. The boat took over 60 people to sail. It had 5 sails.


1/6 scale model of Reliance

After that, we went to our grandparent’s house and then back to the hotel.

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Carnival Splendor: Part 5 of 5

The last two days of our cruise were at sea. This post will be somewhat short but there were a couple things that were noteworthy. We went to the bridge of the ship. That is where everything is controlled.

star destroyer bridge
No! Not that one.


The steering wheel must be 8 inches in diameter.

On the second to last day, we saw a 70’s show. It was similar to the Epic Rock show. It had singing and dancing to songs that I had no idea existed.

On the last day, we ate breakfast in the dining room where we eat dinner. I watched Thor: Ragnarok and then went to a comedy show.

comedy show
I forget what he was saying at that time.

When some late people came in, he started speaking in a foreign language. (I think it was. I only know English so I have no idea if it is a real language.) Everyone played along. Seeing as I am extremely funny, we (unintentionally) had a conversation. After that, I watched Peter Rabbit. It was my first time watching it.

Later that night, my mom and I went to the Piano Bar on the 5th floor and we saw him play a couple songs.

That was our cruise, at least the last two days of it. The other blog posts are below:

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How The Solo Millenium Falcon Doesn’t Make Sense (Without Spoilers) + Review

This blog post was supposed to be published a lot earlier. WordPress glitched and it didn’t.

I watched Solo about a week ago and decided to review it. After the review, I wrote about how the new Millenium Falcon doesn’t make sense.


Now for the review:

I think the main reason that it did badly at the box office was that it was right after Infinity War and Deadpool 2.

The first part was kind of bad. First, it had no opening crawl like all other Star Wars movies. (Except Rouge One.) I don’t even have to mention that Lady Proxima was way worse then Jabba.

Lady Proxima
Someone maybe tell me who this is? Lady Proxima is just really weird.

His speeder chase was good though. The Imperial checkpoint was kind of cool because it showed that the Imperials were meeting rebellion on some planets. They arrested someone every minute or so. Qi’ra was trapped on the other side of the wall when she and Han made a dash for it.

Then Han goes to the Conveyex. I like that part with Enfy’s Nest and the huge explosion. Unfortunately, two of the guys died. They should not have killed Rio.

After that, Han goes to Dryden Vos’s big yacht. There, he meets Qi’ra again. She runs away with Han over to Lando, and Han gambles with Lando. Lando cheated and Han lost the bet. He didn’t have the ship that he said he had though. The ship he claims he has is the same ship as the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels. It is made on Corellia just like the Falcon.

the ghost

Lando took Han to see the Millenium Falcon. (Because there is no opening crawl, that is the first time that the “Star Wars Main Theme” plays.) They went to Kessel to steal coaxium so that Dryden Vos wouldn’t kill them.

This is Coaxium when it is refined.

Han and his friends made a distraction that way he and Chewie could steal the coaxium. They managed to do it. Their distraction was a massive slave revolt on Kessel.

To go refine it, they had to do the Kessell run. Everyone almost died at the hands of a giant black hole. They used coaxium to give the Falcon a huge boost. With that speed, the Falcon’s paint wore off, and it turned grey. Han also fired the escape pod so the Falcon had its 2 prongs instead of the 1 long prong.

Enfy’s Nest is revealed to be a group of rebels. They find out on Savareen which is the planet they go to refine the coaxium.

enfys nest

That’s basically what happens. Overall, it was better than I thought it would be.

TOPIC SENTANCE The issue is that it doesn’t make sense. In Revenge of the Sith, you see the Millenium Falcon landing on Courascant. That takes place before Solo, and it is not white and doesn’t have the new front prong.

Screenshot (27)_kindlephoto-4483973587
I drew the circle on a tablet. Forgive the sloppiness.

This is just a little thing I noticed before I started writing my review.

Carnival Splendor in Puerto Vallarta: Part 4 of 5

Puerto Vallarta was our 3rd and final stop. Of course, it was the best one. We took a big catamaran. It was two stories like most tourist boats.


On the boat. You can’t really see much but the front of the boat is behind us.

We went to two beaches and went snorkeling at one of them. The first beach had softer sand but almost no waves. It was fun because there were inner tubes. One time I was telling my sister something and the tube flipped. It was awesome. (Also kind of annoying). After that, we had lunch. I just ate bread because I didn’t like the sandwich. We took that boat for another half hour or so to the next beach.

mom and kids after snorkel

It had normal waves which was nice. A bunch of locals were playing in the water while we were there. One time, there was a 7-foot tall wave. I just went on the top of it and rode the wave back to the shore. My mom lost her sunglasses when this fast wave came and knocked them off her head. We were at the beach for about 2 hours. When we went back on the boat, there was a concert with what was apparently the Mexican Rolling Stones.


They were magic considering they had drums when no one was at the drumset. Or maybe it was lip-syncing. After they finished, we found something out. It was all a scam. They sold out the boat by making people think the Mexican Rolling Stones were playing. The snorkeling was just an add-in. They were just the workers on the boat. Once we exited the boat, we entered the boat.

(Wait, hold on, we entered the Carnival Splendor. Not that boat). On the Carnival Splendor, I got to see The Last Jedi again. It was in the Carnival Seaside Theater. Unfortunately, I missed everything from Snoke’s throne room to Luke disappearing because of dinner. After that, I watched Black Panther and went to bed. The end… Last part coming tomorrow.

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Carnival Splendor in Mazatlan: Part 3 of 5

On Monday afternoon, the Splendor left Cabo San Lucas and started heading to Mazatlan. There was actually a dock so we didn’t have to take tender boats.

When we got off the ship, there was a short walk to the boat that we were taking. We were in the area where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

We even saw sea lions!

Sea lions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once we exited the boat, there were 2 buses. Obviously, we took one. They were actually pretty comfortable. There was a statue of the Virgin Mary. It was built after a hurricane struck and there had never been one since. We drove down some streets and learned about the area.

Our first stop was at the cliff divers. They dove about 20-40 feet to earn money for their families.


After seeing that, we went back on the bus and drove down the boardwalk. It is 16 miles long. Mazatlan’s main industries are tourism and shrimp. One time, a hurricane hit and a couple ships full of shrimp sunk and 72 people died.

We went to eat lunch after that at a Mexican restaurant. (Can there be a Mexican place in Mexico? I don’t know if there can be an American place in America). The other cruise ship from Norwegian stopped there too. It was super crowded.

I forget what I was eating in that picture.

Our last stop was at the cathedral. It looked like most other cathedrals that I have seen. Pretty impressive. I don’t know much about cathedrals so I can’t really comment on it besides the fact that it was cool.

Finally, we went back to the cruise ship via a short trip by the bus. Because a Norwegian cruise ship was there too, the line at the terminal was really long. After we boarded, we ate in the formal dining room.

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Carnival Splendor in Cabo San Lucas: Part 2 of 5

On Monday, we arrived at our first port stop. It was in Cabo San Lucas. In the morning, we woke up and ate breakfast. At 8:30, we went to the Specatular Theater to wait for our excursion to start. When it did, we went down to level 0. That’s what it was called because it was mostly a staff level. Because Cabo San Lucas didn’t have a dock big enough for us, we had to drop anchor (Yes, Carnival ships get anchors. The sailboats that I sail don’t).

Once we arrived, we took smaller tender boats to the Carnival terminal at Cabo San Lucas. Next, we waited in a sitting area until our tour guide took us to the dolphin pool at Cabo Dolphins. We went into a cool looking building and waited in a sitting area until a guy took us to the actual pool. It was pretty fun. Kahal, the dolphin’s name, tried to clap but his fins weren’t long enough to touch. We were actually able to swim with and ride the dolphin. He did some other cool tricks. After the dolphins, we got free quesadillas.

Finally, we went on a boat ride tour of the arch. One part was just a calm tour but then we went to max speed and it was insanely awesome. We were probably going 50 mph. The boat slowed down, turned around and started going fast again. We docked and the tour was over.

Lastly, we went back to the cruise ship and did random stuff. The end.

To Be Continued…

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Carnival Splendor: Part 1 of 5

I went on a Carnival cruise for a week to Mexico. I will write 2 somewhat short posts and 3 longer posts. The short ones will be about days at sea and the longer ones will be about our days at port. Now: into the actual post.

mama and kids

We left our house at 11:30 and were at the terminal around 2:30. The boarding process was pretty easy. We just had to wait in line and show our passports. When we boarded, I was so confused about where everything was. We entered into the main lobby. Our family took an elevator to our rooms and walked down a long hallway to it. Our room was on deck 8. I didn’t know it at the time, but there were only a couple better spots for my needs. We were near the exit to the food. It was one story above us.

Our grandparents were on the cruise. They were 1 door down and across. We saw them after we finished unpacking. Our family went up to the Lido deck and ate some food. Our grandfather gave us a quick tour and we went to play mini golf on deck 14 (a.k.a. the Sky deck).

mini golf

We just looked around the cruise ship in more areas after.

On the 2nd day, we ate breakfast. It was good. That’s all that needs to be said. Then we discovered the library. It had a bunch of games. We played Risk. My sister, Kate, didn’t like it, so she quit. Then, we played Sorry.


After that, we had lunch. I didn’t eat much because I wanted to go do more on the ship. Carnival had a Harry Potter trivia contest. Either I know more about Harry Potter than I thought or most people know less than I thought. I got 3rd place.

That was what happened during our first two days.

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Solo: What We Know So Far

This is what I know about Solo: A Star Wars Story so far.

First, the Millenium Falcon. It looks way different for a couple reasons. The prongs are the most noticeable. Instead of looking like this:

Millenium Falcon

It looks like this:

Solo MIllenium Falcon

The biggest difference is the front prong. The other difference is that the Falcon is white. If you look closer, you can see the laser cannon is different. It is a lot more noticeable on the Lego one:

lego solo millenium falcon

For those of you who don’t know, besides Han Solo, the other main characters are Chewie and someone named Q’ira.

According to the teaser trailer, Han was a criminal since he was 10. That means he was probably an orphan. He was kicked out of the Imperial Flight Academy. How he could have got in being an orphan, I don’t know. He did, though. Chewbacca looks the same as ever, but he has 2 bandolier straps. For a quick moment in the space storm (that’s what I think it is), you see a TIE fighter with some sort of bulb on one side of it:

Screenshot (34)

After that, you see the Millenium Falcon fly through a bunch of tentacles.

Teaser Trailer

In trailer 2, you see Han tell Lando Calrissian, “I heard a story about you, is it true?” Lando replies “Everything you heard about me is true.” Han might be going up to him to play sabacc to win the Millenium Falcon. Lando Calrissian seems to have a droid. There is also a new type of stormtrooper called the range trooper:

Range Troopers.png

You see them fighting Han Solo on a train that might be on Coreilla. If it is, then Coreilla is a snowy planet. Next, Han discovers that Chewbacca is 190 years old.


That is what I know so far about Solo: A Star Wars Story. If there is anything I missed, then tell me in the comments.